How It All Began

Jake in 2006 with the very first Cal King he ever found

Ten days after Jake’s 4th birthday, Jake and I decided to take an afternoon drive out to Pyramid Lake on a venture to see if we could see some of the very large Mormon Crickets usually crossing the road during the late spring. In the northern Nevada areas that contain permanent water you can witness the migration of the giant Mormon Cricket. Upon our quest to see the crickets we ended up behind a fisherman towing his boat along the road that parallels the lake. Just as I am about to pass him, I notice that he straddles a neonate Cal King. I of course straddle it too, then turn around so I can show Jake the little black and white beauty. As I pull to the side of the road, Jake is yelling “what is it dad, what did you see”? So I tell him it’s a king snake and he gets very excited. It’s his first Cal King. I then get Jake out of the truck and let him pick it up off the road. I of course get a picture. He then he puts the snake in the bushes at the side of the road and tells it “bye bye”. Once back on the road he tells me that the king snake was the coolest snake he has ever seen, and that he wants to keep one in his room some day .... and so it began.